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Whiskey cocktail recipe

For me, there’s nothing more refreshing in the summer heat than a cocktail. Not being a beer drinker, I gravitate towards the spirits and mixers, and enjoy a sweet-tasting cocktail or two.

Today, using the whiskey glasses that Deadwood Cabins kindly gifted me, I decided to make my first ever bourbon-based cocktail. Admittedly, my first attempt was a complete disaster as I didn’t have all the necessary ingredients and decided to swap things about which didn’t end well (curdled cream-based liqueur)! But then I landed on gold with my second attempt and a completely different recipe, and created the most delicious cocktail that I’m proud to share with you all.

Whiskey glass
Whiskey cocktail with apple juice


2 parts bourbon (I used Dixie Pete’s Kentucky Bourbon)

1 part lemon juice

1 part sugar syrup (created by gently heating caster sugar and water on a 2:1 ratio)

1 dash cloudy apple juice

Ice cubes

2 slices of an apple


1 – Shake your bourbon, lemon juice and sugar syrup together in a cocktail mixer.

2 – Pour over ice in a whiskey glass (like this gorgeous whiskey glass set that I used from deadwood Cabins).

3 – Top up with a dash cloudy apple juice.

4 – Decorate with one or two slices of apple.

5 – Sip and enjoy!

Bourbon cocktail with apple juice