Let's Get Ready For The Long Road - With Holly Perez-Nino, aka @staywild_cowgirl

@staywild_cowgirl at the Long Road Festival

Scrolling Facebook in 2018 I saw an advert for The Long Road Festival & immediately messaged a friend to make a plan. I had no expectations or experience at the time, but we overpacked our very big suitcases (this was a mistake) & off we went. We had the BEST time & made the most amazing friendships. It was the first time I realised just how much of a country music scene there was in the UK. There is Country & Americana music each day across a variety of stages, authentic BBQ food served up next to firepits, market stalls selling beautiful western apparel & incredible staging. Every little detail transforms Stanford Hall into our very own Nashville.

It’s become my favourite weekend of the year & I cannot tell you how excited I am to be back again next week!

So, let’s get packing & I’ll share with you some tips that may come in handy…

The Long Road Festival - country music festival

Festival Must-Haves!

It’s a long & busy weekend y’all. I’ve seen people getting carried out of Buddys Bar at 6pm on the Friday night. Its exciting but let’s try not to peak too soon. You’ll miss all the fun 😉 Here are some things you may want to bring with you…

  • Ear plugs – I LOVE to get close to the stage but it can be loud. Ear plugs soften the bass whilst still given you a great listening experience. Loop Ear are available in lots of colours & designed specifically for festivals. I found some just as good on Amazon which were a little cheaper. It’s a game changer & protects your ears too.
  • Power bank phone charger – No one wants to run out of battery just as you’re about to grab a cool photo. Signal isn’t great so to save your battery, pop your phone on airplane mode when you can too.
  • Antihistamines/bug repellent – I learnt this the hard way. TLR festival is near lakes & rivers, it’s beautiful but it means higher chance of insect bites at night.
  • Chair/blanket – One of the great things about TLR is how chilled the atmosphere is. For sitting around the front porch in the day or watching the main stage from a little further back you may want to get comfy.

I thought you should know…

Disclaimer, I rocked up to the first ever TLR with a big suitcase and no clue. We were glamping in a bell tent so felt pretty smug, but the walk from the carpark to the tent was long and across a field. There’s an ongoing joke that this is why it’s called The Long Road. So campers – if you have a camping trolley, bring it.

  • Break in your boots. It’s a busy weekend full of so many fun things to see & do across the whole site. Bring your comfy boots. I always start the day wearing socks with mine & then swap over to pop socks in the evening. As the day goes on your feet get hotter so this can be a life safer.
  • Layers. A lightweight rain jacket or festival poncho is always a good idea. It gets colder in the evenings so you might want a hoody/jacket you can add. I’m packing wellies this year & hoping they get to stay in the car. Let us pray.
  • Self-care. Anti bac, tissue and wet wipes in your bag are a must. There are plenty of toilets but I like to be self-sufficient, just in case. I also pack green tea, Berocca and eye masks for first thing in the mornings along with hydration sachets. I’m in the dodgy end of my 30’s and these essentials help me make it to the Sunday after party still dancing.
  • Check out the markets. The shopping at TLR is SO good. If you see a stall you love grab a photo displaying the name. So many times, I’ve wanted to look for something after and couldn’t remember what it was called (I blame the moonshine).
  • There is a quiz on Friday night which is a great way to meet people, especially if coming solo. It’s such a friendly festival. If you love someone’s outfit, tell them. If you see someone dancing to a country song you love too, join in. It’s what makes this festival such an inclusive and happy place to be.
Staywild_cowgirl at The Long Road Festival

And if you see me, come & say hello. It would be so cool to meet you! – Holly

Melbelle will also be making our debut appearance at The Long Road this year. Pop along to our stall to say hi and stock up on your favourite western brands!