Melbelle On You - Summer Edition

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Howdy Y’all Melbelle T-Shirt

A story unfolds among the gentle embrace of the sun’s golden warmth and the delicate caress of ocean breezes—one that weaves together the threads of fashion, friendship, and summer’s enchantment. Welcome to Melbelle’s bright universe, dear readers, where each snapshot tells a love story of elegance and companionship in the sun-soaked season.

This collection of images is a story that captures the essence of summer and our bohemian fashion dreams. We adore seeing all the photos of our wonderful customers and friends wearing the latest collections and sharing the love of boho fashion that ties us all together. 

So, join us as we explore the relationship between the threads that adorn us and the bonds that bind us via the perspective of Melbelle’s summer collections. Where fashion becomes poetry and every snapshot is a page in life’s storybook. Let’s turn the pages together and experience Melbelle’s enchantment on you in this intriguing Summer Edition.

Stardust Tiered Mini Dress on @_shannonnn__

Our gorgeous customer @_shannonnn_ radiates celestial beauty, adorning the Stardust Tiered Mini Dress (sold out – see the Seneca Tiered Ruffle Maxi Dress for a similar colour and pattern). The dress’s delicate tiers flutter like ethereal constellations, and she effortlessly exudes elegance and charm. The perfect romantic dress for weddings, the races, or even a garden party. This whimsical bohemian dress will elevate your look and have you feeling all kinds of beautiful. 

Amidst the rustic charm of the countryside, @buzzybev is vision of timeless allure as she elegantly pairs the Ariat Heritage Cowboy Boots with a simple denim dress. She captures the essence of the perfect country girl with her boots echoing tales of open fields and endless horizons.

Ariat Heritage Cowboy Boots SHOP THE BOOTS

At the open seaside, @catch.the.sunrise completes her look with our versatile wide-brimmed country hat. As the sun’s golden rays filter through the hat’s edges, her aura captures the essence of rustic tranquility, embodying the boho countryside timeless allure and simple, natural beauty. 

Wide Brimmed Hat GET THE LOOK – sold out but more coming very soon!

Southwestern Aztec Shacket on @elerionline

Country singer @elerionline envelops herself in our gorgeous Southwestern Aztec Shacket (sold out but more on their way soon – click the size you want and then the ‘notify me when available’ button on the product page to receive a notification when they’re re-stocked). The shacket’s intricate patterns mirror the terrain’s rich textures, while its warm hues embrace the sun-baked earth. In her ensemble, Eleri becomes a harmonious blend of nature and style, a modern wanderer with a touch of ancient spirit.

Southwestern Aztec Shacket SHOP THE JACKET

Our Wide Brimmed Hat on @emma_sarah_louise casts a sweeping shadow over the sun-kissed path before her. A constant companion as the wind rustles through the forest path, sheltering her from the elements while embodying the spirit of adventure that the open road holds. She leaves traces of her travels with each step, a modern nomad with a timeless hat as her trustworthy guide.

Wide Brimmed Hat GET THE LOOK – sold out but more coming very soon!

@malin_margareta adorns our gorgeous Rodeo Sweatshirt. Its deep, rich colours reflect the intensity of the rodeo and the sweatshirt becomes her faithful companion, providing both a warm embrace and a vivid link to the festivities.

Rodeo Sweatshirt SHOP THE SWEATSHIRT – also sold out! We were cleared out of a lot of stock at the recent Long Road Festival! But more of these are on their way and being re-stocked soon; click the size you want and then the ‘notify me when available’ button to be notified when they’ve re-stocked.

The neutral colour of the jacket on @missbethany.b mixes effortlessly with the warm tones of the horizon, presenting her as a modern nomad with a wild soul. She glides leaving a trail of effortless style and unrestrained elegance in her wake.

Faux Suede Fringe Jacket GET THE LOOK

@okltraining looks stunning in our true bohemian inspired Floral Asymmetrical Maxi Skirt on a sun-drenched balcony. The colourful earth toned base of the skirt reflects the radiance of the sun’s rays, and as they weave a symphony of colours against the backdrop of the skyline. She captures the spirit of life’s varied tapestry, with the sun kissing her skin and the skirt flowing like a cascade of petals.

Floral Asymmetric Maxi Skirt SHOP THE SKIRT

In the Seneca Tiered Maxi Dress, @reescaz exudes effortless elegance. The flowing tiers of the dress reflect the day’s carefree atmosphere, and as she walks, each stride becomes a dance of elegance and delight. She epitomises the essence of friendship and style, a live tribute to the beauty of shared moments and the enchantment of the gorgeous boho Seneca dress, surrounded by friends.

Seneca Tiered Ruffle Maxi Dress GET THE LOOK

@rxchelmarie_ displays rustic charm while wearing the Rodeo Sweatshirt and elegant sunglasses. She seamlessly bridges the gap between traditional and contemporary with the sweatshirt’s rustic charm, illustrating that country style is a timeless choice for every occasion.

Rodeo Sweatshirt SHOP THE LOOK – coming back in stock soon!

In the middle of ranch life’s rugged embrace, @vickyrooke emits a classic country air in the ‘Coffee then Cows until Cocktails’ Tee. She represents the essence of the region and the rhythm of its traditions, riding a gorgeous horse and surrounded by cattle. As the tee’s humorous phrase mirrors her day’s journey from sunrise to sunset, she transforms into an image of human-nature harmony, a true cowgirl whose style flawlessly mirrors her unwavering connection to the heart of the countryside.

‘Coffee then Cows until Cocktails’ Tee GET THE LOOK

The Melbelle T-shirt by @wandering_western_hippy captures the essence of wanderlust and elegance. She effortlessly mixes the spirit of adventure with a hint of bohemian flair with the tee’s casual ease and the backdrop of untamed beauty.

Melbelle Cowgirl t-Shirt SHOP THE LOOK

In the ‘Howdy Y’All’ Cropped Tee, @wolfgirl_native reflects the heart and soul of western living. The tee becomes a statement of her connection to the land and its vibrant creatures as she rides her horse with confidence and grace. She transforms into a true ranch spirit, where her tee becomes a statement of a way of life – a blend of southern hospitality, equestrian prowess, and timeless country charm.

Black ‘Howdy Y’all’ Crop Tee GET THE LOOK

Credit to the talented photographer who captured this moment @careeoke

Melbelle T-shirt Club members, each wearing an unique tee, weave a tapestry of companionship and style. These members become live embodiments of unity in variety, with each tee telling a distinct story but all threads weaving a shared bond. The Melbelle T-shirt Club isn’t just about fashion in this colourful gathering; it’s about making connections, celebrating individuality, and painting a portrait of harmony in which every tee becomes a badge of belonging and a sign of a shared journey.

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From left to right: @lilachrltd, @amywalton15 and @vickyrooke

Melbelle on You

A community grows via every flowing maxi skirt, rustic cowboy hat, and tee that bears their stories—one that embraces the beauty of individual expression and the joy of sharing it with others. It’s not only about the clothes in this world, where boho and country fashion collide; it’s about the souls they decorate, the stories they tell, and the friendships they form.

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