Autumn 2023 Fashion Trends from Top Western Influencers

As the leaves begin to paint the landscape with hues of crimson and gold, and the air turns crisp and cool, fashion enthusiasts around the world eagerly await the arrival of autumn. It’s a season that signals a delightful shift in wardrobe choices, where cosy layers and statement pieces take centre stage. To guide you through the captivating world of fall fashion, we’ve gathered insights from 6 top Western influencers, each with their unique style and perspective.


Meet Elena Andres Costa, the two-wheelin’, Western darlin’ with an unabashed love for Tarantino, a thrift-addiction that’s unrivalled, and an obsession with all thing’s true crime.

Elena’s favourite trend for Autumn 2023 is:

Autumn is always tricky because I’m still refusing to accept Summer is over, so I’m still attempting to wear my t-shirt dresses, tanks & denim shorts, but this Autumn I’ve been obsessed with layering up my usual outfits with a Navajo over shirt or a fringe jackets. I LIVE in fringe jackets. Fringe jackets are a classic statement piece which instantly makes any outfit look amazing!”

 Find Elena on Instagram @shotguncosta

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Meet Suzie Crooch, a passionate connoisseur of Western home decor and a modern cowgirl fashion lover, whose style seamlessly blends rustic charm with contemporary flair.

Suzie’s favourite trend for Autumn 2023 is:

“For me, denim will always be on trend but I’m quickly appreciating the variety of denim offerings across traditional western stores and mainstream brands. You don’t have to look long before you see various plays on denim whether it be a midi skirt, fitted jacket or corset top. I’m also seeing tons of chrome. I’m excited about this because of how well it plays with turquoise and elevates an otherwise casual fit.”

 Find Suzie on Instagram @velvetbrumby

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Meet Sophie Kinchin, the orange-obsessed fashion influencer who effortlessly blends ’70s-inspired styles with a touch of classic and country flair, and loves sharing her unique fashion finds with the world.

Sophie’s favourite trend for Autumn 2023 is:

“In terms of what I’ll be wearing for Autumn, my staples will be cowboy boots and a suede trench, paired with a satin midi skirt and a cosy jumper or cardigan! Brown and tan leather will also be a staple fabric within my wardrobe. Autumn is my favourite season to dress for and my cowboy boots are both stylish and practical – they can take me from a wander in the fields straight to a fun evening out.”

Find Sophie on Instagram @sophkinchin

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Meet Ruth, whose rock-infused roots, courtesy of her drummer father’s legendary connections, have shaped her distinctive style. Her seamless fusion of Western fashion and punk/rock influences creates an effortlessly chic punk/rock western aesthetic that’s uniquely hers.

Ruth’s favourite trend for Autumn 2023 is:

“For this Autumn season, I’m really loving all these romantic sheer fabrics drenched in low slung belts, paired with statement tights and of course cowboy boots! I feel like fashion really comes alive in the Autumn and I’m excited to get creative with my wardrobe again!”

Find Ruth on Instagram @itsruthgeorgina

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Meet Dani, a Canadian-turned-Texan influencer who’s making waves in the Western industry. Recognised as one of Cowboys & Indians Magazine’s top 21 influencers to follow in 2021, Dani’s fashion sense perfectly embodies the essence of modern Western wear with a unique twist.

Dani’s favourite trend for Autumn 2023 is:

“My trend is styling wildrags for fall! Love how wildrags can elevate any look! Instead of jewellery they are a great option to add a WOW & Polish to any outfit!”

Find Dani on Instagram @dani.reinhart

photographer @wildanduntamedphoto

Wild rag (scarf) from @whipin_wildrags

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Meet Sophie, a movie and travel  enthusiast who describes herself as “a little bit of country, little bit rock’n’roll”. Sophie takes her rock’n’roll cowgirl style across the globe as she travels to movie premieres, festivals and unique locations across the UK and beyond.

Sophie’s favourite trend for Autumn 2023 is:

“My favourite Autumn trend has to be flute sleeves – and if they’re crushed velvet flute sleeves, even better. I think they make for a perfect spooky cowgirl statemented look – and I just love the silhouette they create. They’re so timeless, but make for a very stylish, on-trend look without any effort. I particularly love them on a crop top to really bring in the waist, or on a floaty dress.”

Find Sophie on Instagram @popcornandglitter

As the autumn fashion world awakens to the season’s allure, we hope you’ve been inspired by the insights shared by our top Western influencers. From classic sophistication to eclectic boho-chic and everything in between, these fashionistas have provided a captivating glimpse into the trends that will define your autumn wardrobe.

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